Neon Red – Chapter 58

(DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. It’s important to remember this is all totally fabricated, embellished, and exaggerated for entertainment purposes.)


Show some weakness for me, boy

When you’re running, running

Figure out the word

When you’re running, running

Abi Ocia | Running

February 2018

New York, New York

TRIGGER WARNING: This chapter is super long (sorry!) but I didn’t want to break up the action. This chapter can also be a bit disturbing at times for those who are sensitive, so you may want to reconsider reading this one. But I just wanted to break  up the monotony with some serious drama before it all ends in a few weeks!

The letter, which arrived in an unmarked envelope, instructed me to pack my passport and head to JFK’s Private Jet Terminal. There were no further instructions. It arrived out of the blue the night before and ordered me to be ready by 10AM. I immediately called Taryn and panicked that the extortionists were back and probably looking to kill me because of Tobias’ involvement. I reached out to Haz and he said he hadn’t gotten any packages and offered to go with me. I declined, not wanting to bring him into any danger, and refused to take his calls to deter him from coming after me.

My last resort was to call Tobias, who said that he had not seen any action between the two suspects they’d unmasked last year, and advised that I did not correspond with this individual any further. We then set up a virtual meeting to go over the new evidence, and I was scheduled to speak with him later today. Still, I was stumped. What could they possibly want now? Had the photos been passed beyond the original extorters, and now a new player was involved? I suppose it was naïve of us to believe this thing would simply go away after the drastic measures they’d taken to entrap us. Of course they’d passed the material on. Probably immediately sold it to multiple dark web organizations for exorbitant sums of money. Since Haz and I were globally famous, Tobias had warned that our case was especially challenging, as we were cash cows guaranteed to enrich the lives of anyone who found even the remotest opportunity to blackmail us.

On some Hail Mary, kamikaze type shit, I said fuck it and became determined to meet these motherfuckers face-to-face. It was time to stop running and lay eyes on my tormenters once and for all. This was chess, not checkers, and I had the power to shift the leverage. If anything happened to me, they’d have an incredibly famous body on their hands, and it would make global news for years to come. There was no way in hell they could outrun the FBI with that sort of heat on them. And it was certainly worth the risk if I could negotiate and spare Haz from ever having to deal with this shit again, or to keep him from being extorted into bankruptcy in an effort to protect me. He didn’t care if the photos leaked, but he knew I did and would therefore give up his every dime to protect me from it. How was that fair to him?

I couldn’t involve T either. She’d try to stop me from handling this face-to-face or call the authorities, and I was just so far past the stage of reasoning. I’d fill her in once I landed wherever the hell they were taking me. I packed a quick bag, grabbed my passport, called a car, and left before she made it to my apartment. She called me like a hundred times, along with Haz, and I eventually shut my phone off to prevent myself from chickening out. I needed to settle this shit or at the very least see what they could possibly want now.

I showed my information at the airport and they escorted me to an awaiting private jet, and informed me I’d be heading to Prague. Knowing I wasn’t heading for Paris put an instant knot in my stomach and I considered turning back before it was too late. Once the plane was shut, I trembled in my seat, utterly alone except for two gorgeous flight attendants, one white and one Indian, and the unfriendly piolet. Sitting there staring across at the empty seat, I thought back over my life and how far I’d come and all the plans I had made for the near future. I’d put a bid on a 10-million-dollar penthouse suite in Soho, and was hoping to win it before the month was out. I’d also rented a beachside pad in Miami with Ant and Mike to get down the road on my second album. We’d run behind on the writing sessions and I needed to film a few videos asap. The label was demanding a new single in the first quarter of this year, and the album was to follow shortly after. I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d make it out alive and be able to move on with things as planned? If I would ever see my family again? If I would ever see Haz again?

Goodbyes were dealt to no one on my way out, and no one on earth knew where I was headed except the men who’d sent me the letter and instructions. They had to be some serious shot-callers to set this whole thing up. This jet was huge and they’d probably make me pay for it once I landed. Holy fuck I’d messed up by coming here. They’d probably have a car waiting for me on the tarmac and I wouldn’t be able to run if I changed my mind. Fuck, fuck, fuck, this was by far the stupidest thing I’d ever done in my life. This wasn’t some James Bond shit. What was I thinking?? I had put myself in tremendous danger by stepping onboard this flight and not telling anyone where I as or where I was going. I started to hyperventilate. No one could help me now, but I would try. Right away I frantically dug my phone out of my pocket to call both Taryn and Tobias. Who the fuck did I think I was? I couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag, let alone take on a gang of Czech goons, most of whom would probably be armed—

“Mr. Malik?” the Indian woman smiled down at me. “For you…” She passed me a large heart-shaped box of chocolates and a small card. I opened the card and a simple handwritten note read: “I know I’m a few days late, but Happy Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to see you. -H”

I shut my eyes and took a few trembling breaths, trying not to scream, wanting to vomit with how relieved I felt. It was him? All this? Oh my fucking God…it was him! He’d designed all this?! What a lunatic! I teared up as I reread the note, trying to calm myself before we took off. What on earth had he planned then? The Czech Republic? Neither of us had ever been there before, to my knowledge. What could he possibly have in store? I got light-headed and giddy trying to guess, snapping my seatbelt into place as instructed. He’d probably rented out a museum. We’d probably have a candlelit dinner. He’d probably get me drunk and fuck my brains out. Fuck, man, this was the dopest, most ludicrous, most romantic shit anyone had ever done for me. It was cinematic as hell! The plane lifted off the grown and I sat there starry-eyed and dreamy.

A car did indeed await me on the tarmac, but I was able to approach it with a feeling of safety and anticipation now, instead of gut-wrenching dread. An all-black Phantom was parked a few yards from the landing strip, and it was here that I was escorted. It was chilly out, but my insides were overly warm and sticky. Puddles of love-drunk goo. This was too much. I couldn’t believe he’d done all this. My man was dope as fuck. The driver greeted me and readily parted the door, which opened backwards in a luxurious spectacle. This was too sick. Too, too sick!

I slid onto the pristine tan leather in awe of everything that was going on, stomach knotting uncontrollably. As we cruised into town, I dug out my phone and made all the appropriate calls before I was reported missing to the FBI, craning to gaze out of the window at the historical buildings blanketed by dusk. It had been over eight hours since I last spoke to anyone, and I hoped by now that Haz had reached out to T and let her know he was behind it all. She was relieved to hear my voice when she picked up the other line. Haz had in fact reached out and soothed her woes. Apparently, he was already here, but wouldn’t allow me to call him. He texted instead and assured me further instructions would be at the hotel, and that he would meet with me later. My gut did flips at the thought of meeting him in this strange world under such strange circumstances. He had outdone himself this time. It was almost like I didn’t know him. And while that left me somewhat disconcerted, it also made me shudder with elation.

The penthouse suite was like nothing I’d ever seen before, and I dreaded to imagine how much this entire trip was setting him back. The ceilings were high and the furnishings were dark and glistening. Leather sofas and ottomans. Persian rugs. There was a massive stretch of floor to ceiling windows that invited the entire cityscape into the room, and champagne awaiting on ice in the sitting room. Too bad I was utterly alone and too anxious to pop the bottle on my own.

As I dropped my backpack on a chair and made my way into the bedroom to give the place a once over, I noticed a black garment bag that read Giorgio Armani laying on the foot of the bed, as well as an Armani shoe box and another unmarked black box. Unzipping the garment bag, a remarkable tuxedo was revealed, which included a dark blue and black paisley silk jacket. The shoe box contained gleaming black oxfords. But it was the final package that made my heart race for some inexplicable reason. It was totally unmarked except for a few gold embellishments. I slowly opened the lid, as if it was Pandora’s Box and something malevolent would be unleashed at any moment. Inside, nestled in a bed of glowing blue satin, was a sick, full-face masquerade mask. Black metal filigree. Holy fucking shit. It was deeply unnerving. Some cult-like, Phantom Of The Opera type shit. My blood ran cold. I shut the box and backed away, frantically searching around, expecting myself to wake up from this dream at any moment.

There was no way this was happening. What the fuck was even happening exactly?? I was still totally in the dark and the worst part was: he liked it that way. He was enjoying freaking me out. A masquerade mask? Full face? That meant we were headed someplace I couldn’t be identified under any circumstances, to the detriment of our reputations and careers. There was no way we could attend a party together. What was he thinking?? Was he out of his mind?? Why wouldn’t he reach out already?? At that, I darted out of the room to search for more clues as to what was taking place. In the living room I found a card that said I would remember this night for the rest of my life. In the kitchen I found a card that instructed me to order room service because I would need all the energy I could get. In the bathroom when I went to take a leak, there was a note attached to the mirror that said I would never be able to wash away what we’ve done.

With each new card discovered, and each new threat read, my fear only heightened. According to the notes, a car would be arriving at exactly midnight to bring me to him. I was to wear the mask leaving the hotel and not speak a word to anyone. I was also not to ask any questions or make any calls. My phone would not be allowed in the building we were headed to, so I was instructed to leave it behind. I was told to bring my mask and nothing more. Now I was beginning to wish I’d in fact met my extortionists here in Prague, as opposed to this psycho who wouldn’t even pick up the phone to reassure me of anything.

I drank a couple of tiny bottles of Jack Daniels from the mini bar and had a cigarette on the balcony to calm my nerves. This shit was weird, man, but I couldn’t quite shake the excitement reveling at the back of my mind. It was one hell of an adventure, that’s for sure. I was lonely and scared, but it was a bona fide adventure nonetheless. And I couldn’t wait to see him here, just like I couldn’t wait to find him in the darkest, seediest quarters of Paris. He really knew how to keep the trill of this whole affair thing alive, and I would have to step up my game to keep up with him. Prague was a new one for me and I was glad he chose it. The skyline was spectacularly beautiful. It had a distinctive gothic aesthetic, unlike any city I’d ever seen. It was quite eerie at night. Almost like a vampire kingdom. I could see us getting up to some grim shit here. Far more depraved than what we’d gotten up to in France.

With that thrill in mind, I butted my cigarette and headed inside for a deep, cleansing shower, paying special attention to the anal region. Something told me I wouldn’t be meeting Haz tonight, and Harry was pretty demanding. I wanted to be equipped for whatever he had in mind. After all this trouble, I wasn’t denying him anything. Freshly showered, I headed back into the bedroom to take a nap before midnight, exhausted from the flight and my erratic thoughts.


Come forward

Come forward

I said come forward

Come forward

What are you afraid of

Abi Ocia | Running

A phone call on the hotel line woke me. It was him. He simply said: “You’re late,” thenhung up. Fuck fuck fuck! I hopped up and ran to the bathroom to take a quick piss, tossed on a bit of cologne, then brushed my teeth. Now I threw the tux on in record time, amazed that it fit like some of my tailor-made pieces. It was twenty minutes after midnight and I knew he’d be pissed when I got there. I grabbed the hotel key and left my phone on the nightstand as instructed, then flew out the door. The second someone exited a room a few yards ahead of me, I realized I was totally exposed, which was against the rules. Now I ran back down to my room, grabbed my mask and slapped it on. On the way back out of the room, I spotted myself in the mirror beside the door and thought I had no idea who this dashing son-of-a-bitch was.

Running through the vacated lobby after leaving the elevator, I drew a few concerned stares from hotel security, holding onto my bowtie which was slung negligently over my neck because I had no clue how to tie it. It was windy out. There was only one running vehicle waiting in the courtyard, and it was a glistening all-black Bentley. The driver, who had been leaning on the side of the car and checking his watch, nodded and opened the back door for me. I slid in and read one final note that said: Almost there. I caught my breath as we left the city and ventured into a forested, more rural village at the outskirts. My gut was twisting violently, and I thought I might have a bowel movement right then and there in that glorious custom interior. I had no idea what this man was getting us into, and I just needed to lay eyes on him to know I was safe.

The car turned off the forested road onto a private cobbled drive, and then began an ascent up a steep hill screen by giant trees. When they finally cleared, I was able to see the moon again and the outline of a grim castle.

“Noh fuckin’ way…” I breathed.

“Every time…” the driver muttered to himself, his accent heavy.

“Hey, uh…youh have any idea what’s goin’ on here?”

“No questions, sir. Please no questions. I could lose my job.”

“Oh…sorry…” I sat back and tried to breathe normally.

When we arrived in the courtyard of the massive house, which was lined with tall torches and tons of security. Music blared from within the unlit building, vibrating the ground. Shivering in the night cold, I was escorted up the large front steps and into an enormous pair of metal doors that crashed when they closed. The masked gentleman who led me in abandoned me in the ill lit foyer. Behind the mask, all things were bizarre and surreal.

Red lights flooded the halls, which were otherwise windowless and terrifyingly dark. Deafening music surrounded me, emitted from deep inside the building and overhead. I took the few stairs up into the first hall and masked women and men were everywhere, their voices creating an eerie, incessant din that reminded me of the murmurings of hell. Everyone was masked or hooded. Dozens of females were strutting about in leather g-strings and thigh-high stockings and lethal-looking stilettos. They wore cupless bras that left their tits exposed. Pierced nipples and crazy boob-jobs stared back at me every which way I look, as did tons of half-nude men, many of whom were wearing skimpy cocksocks or nothing at all. Some were on their hands and knees, tethered by harnesses and collars and leashes. Some even muzzled.

I quickened my pace and pushed past the crowd before I was recognized, and tried to remember the room number on the final card I’d found behind the mask in the box. I needed to head up to the fourth floor, and it took me forever to find an elevator because no one around spoke English, and all the signs were written in Czech. Growing weak-kneed with relief upon finding it, I took the nearest elevator and things became considerably more quiet on the fourth floor. There were less people hanging around, and now my job was to find the man I’d come to see. I headed down a long corridor bathed in a piercing red light, and assumed the solitary door at its opposite end must’ve been the one I was looking for.

Room 407 greeted me with utter silence. I cracked it and listened for signs of life inside, but none emerged. I peered inside and saw only slowly expanding shadow. Cursing Harry for making me leave my phone behind, I started to shut the door and leave, when it was pulled wider by someone from the inside. A masked woman and man stood before me. The woman was dressed in absolutely nothing but heels. The man was dressed in a black bathrobe and had a mask that matched mine, except his was gold. He reached out a hand to greet me, and when I saw the small cross tattooed atop, my heart skipped a beat. It was him. Thank fuck. Finally! But I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to say his name. I thought against questioning him and demanding answers, and just set my hand onto his, letting him guide me inside and lock the door behind us.

“So glad you’ve finally made it, Javvad,” he said, sounding so unlike himself. Wait, was he in character? What the fuck was happening?? Now was no time for roleplaying! I had to be dreaming. This could not be real. It simply could not.

“We’ve been waiting.”

“Y-yeah, sorry about that—”

“Please, don’t speak,” he interrupted. “Kateřina will help you undress.”

I could only nod. As we moved from the anteroom into the bedroom, candles were everywhere and the heat they emitted was stifling. As my eyes adjusted to the low light, the depth of the space was revealed to me. It was a vast suite, filled with velvet red furnishing and a bed with a tall iron headboard. Like something out of the dark ages. On the farthest wall, a long glass cabinet held every flogging, gagging, binding, and blindfolding mechanism known to man. As well as every sex toy you could name, some of which just looked like downright torture devices. I swallowed thickly, wondering if any of those things were supposed to be used on me. I was too frail for this shit. My bones would snap.

Kateřina pulled me aside and I stared at her gorgeous lips and breasts, watching as she dropped to her knees before me to unlace my shoes. Harry conspired with several more nude nymphs and models on the other side of the room, a few of which were male and wore leather hoods that concealed their faces. They all exited the room and he finally removed his robe. He was wearing a sheer black cock sock that left nothing to the imagination. He might as well have been naked. He slowly paced back and forth, cracking his neck, charging himself up, and he didn’t look too pleased with me. I had already put a damper on his plans by showing up late.

The woman now stood before me, her smirk evident since her mask only covered half her face. She playfully slid my bowtie off my neck, then pushed the lapels of my unbuttoned jacked off my arms. I helped her along and soon she was unbuttoning the black silk shirt. When my torso was free, she ran her fingers tantalizingly down my chest—

“Kateřina…no touching,” Harry said from across the room. “Not yet.”

She nodded meekly and finished the job, unfastening my pants and pulling them down along with my underwear. I cupped my privates as she untangled them all from my feet and took my clothes away. When she left the room, I was alone with him and for some reason that made me panic. Who was this man? This certainly wasn’t Haz, and I was beginning to think he wasn’t even Harry.

“Get on the bed,” he demanded, in that calm, measured voice that didn’t belong to him. “And stop covering yourself.” I obediently let my hands fall at my side and moved over to the medieval looking structure, cock flopping about in my haste. The sheets were dark and satin, like a pool of black ice.

“You were late.”

“I’m sorry—”


My heart leapt. I was so unsure of what to do with myself. He came forward, hitting a remote switch which activated four giant screens to fall around the sides of the bed, leaving only small sections for someone to pass between. I exhaled upon realizing I was holding my breath. I had nearly leapt from the bed in a panic until I realized what was happening. Now Haz appeared with a roll of duct tape and I figured it was time for me to be bound. Oh shit. Not here. Not now. Not like this. This would be the end of whatever control I imagined I had over this situation, and I still wasn’t sure I could trust him anymore. Not in this foreign place. Not amongst these foreign people. Not with him acting the way he was.

He sat beside me on the bed, and I scooted to the edge, crossing my legs beneath me. These masks were petrifying up close. He took off a length of tape, and to my surprise, he didn’t bind my hands or my mouth. He splayed it right across my chest, covering the tattoo of the eyes. I would have laughed if he had, except, he was still rigidly in character and didn’t crack a smile. None that I could see behind the glinting gold frame anyway.

“Babe…” I said, and something in my tone led him not to cut me off with another demand for silence. “You’re scarin’ me…”

With that, he finally removed his mask and I removed mine. He still looked slightly disappointed with me, but never voiced it. Instead, he took my face in his hand and kissed me until I remembered who he was.

“You’re safe…” was all he breathed when we parted. Without further question, all the fear that had been eating away at me since the plane ride fled. “You trust me?” he whispered, pressing his forehead to mine. I nodded. “Good. I only want to make you happy.” He stood up but I stopped him from walking away, pulling him down by the wrist.

“I upset youh…”

“It’s ok. You’re always late. I built a window into our schedule to leave room in case you were late.”

Finally, I cracked a smile and he did too, eyeing my lips and cock. Now he scooped me up in his arms and crushed me, and I kneeled there on the edge of the bed, clinging to him. Skin on his skin. Absorbing his warmth and familiarity.

“You smell amazing…” he murmured, kissing me with a mind-numbing concentration, both hands squeezing my ass. “I just wanna make you feel good, baby…”

“I want youh to punish me first.” The words left my mouth before I could even make sense of them.


“Punish me. Forh all my fuckups. Forh being late. Forh this stupid ass tattoo. Forh showin’ up at your place drunk. Make me pay for that shit. Hurt me…”


“Yes…please. I know youh want to!”

“That’s not true…” he pulled away.

“I know you’re holdin’ back. I could see it all ova your demeanor when I first walked in. Youh hate me. Youh wanna beat the shit outta me—”

“Shut the fuck up!”

“Well, if youh don’t feel that way, then I do. It’s what I want. Please…”

“What do you even want me to do?”

Slap me. Punch me. Flog me!

“No! Hell no! I’m not using any of that shit, alright?? It just came with the room!”

“Then just fuckin’ slap me!”

No—” I grabbed his hand and slapped myself with it. Then I repeated slapped myself with my own hands.

Stop it!”

“Noh! Punish me! Hit me! Now!” I hollered, punching him in the chest. He grabbed me by the throat with both hands, then threw me back across the bed. I had to stop myself from falling off the other side. Then he sat and slung me across his lap. With all his might, he slammed his hand onto my bare ass and the sound echoed throughout the room. I hissed through the pulsating pain, letting out a weak little laugh, then demanded that he do it again. He did so. Again and again and again and again.

Harder!” I shouted, as I felt his palm losing momentum. “Fuckin’ hit me, babe! Harder! Harder! Hurt me!”

By now my ass was on fire, becoming numb and tingling all over. Tears had leapt into my eyes and my vision was blurred. He was slowing, but I didn’t want him to stop. He hit me once more and I finally cried out in anguish. He apologized and kissed my sore ass effusively, saying I shouldn’t have made him do it. But I begged to differ. I was rock hard.

Afterwards I moved to sit beside him and winced as my ass touched the mattress. He grabbed either side of my face and pressed a kiss to my forehead.

“You’re insane…” he marveled.

“Youh don’t know the half of it…” We kissed.

“Z…is it okay if my friends touch you?” he panted. My face fell. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I had wondered what all those people were doing here, but had no idea he was planning on them joining us. But now was no time to bitch out. I nodded absently, winded and trying to see through the screens for prying eyes.

“Is it safe though?” I wondered. “I mean, like, is it…safe-safe? Healthwise?”

Totally. They’re all tested. Made sure of it days in advance.”

“And what about them noticing the tattoos. I think Katrina might have too.”

“Don’t worry, every last person will be blindfolded. Katrina’s cool. I’ve known her for a while. She’s deep into this stuff and has a lot to lose herself.”

“Okay, uh…will that make youh happy? If they joined?” I asked quietly, pressing my lips to his shoulder.

Incredibly happy.”

“Okay….” I nodded. “Okay…anythin’ for youh babe…”

“Thank you.” He stood right away. “Is it ok if I start you off, though? Get you comfortable?”


“Lay down, baby…” I did so. He left between the screens and came back with a few items. One of them was the longest string of anal beads I’d ever seen in my life. Surely no one’s ass was that deep??

“Woah, babe…youh did not come to fuck around…”

“On the contrary…” he smirked.

I turned over at his instruction and he stuffed a pillow beneath my hips, propping my ass in the air. Now he ate me out without warning, reducing me to brutal quivers. I moaned softly and unguardedly into the sheets, happy to be a bitch for him, agonized with pleasure from his tongue flicking and penetrating my puckering hole. He feasted on me so slowly and so sensuously I started to piss myself. He groaned between my cheeks, sending deep-seated vibrations through my groin. Fuckkk this was all I needed. I didn’t want it to end. I almost sobbed when he pulled away to finger me with lube. He swiped my prostate a time or too, but didn’t linger so that I wouldn’t explode. I bit my knuckles until they bled, enraged with the taunting.

Now he popped one bead into me abruptly. I clenched and he massaged my ass and the back of my thighs, coaxing me to relax. As I unclenched around its hard, cold surfaces, he removed the bead and drizzled more lube inside. Then it returned, snaking its way down my hidden heat, one sphere at a time. Whenever he slid them back out, I let out a guttural, involuntary groan, relishing how indescribably good it felt. I arched my back and protruded my ass, begging and writing for more. He chuckled and obliged, and each time he entered moved one bead deeper. How far he’d end up, I had no fucking clue, and I was beginning to get nervous about the residue that might be left on the toy the deeper he went. He didn’t seem to mind though.

On the brink of coming, I pleaded for him to fuck me. He flat-out refused. He said he could fuck me any day, and that he wasn’t here for that. That others had been hired to take care of me. Now he coaxed me to lay on my back, following which he bound my hands to the bed with leather cuffs, then drew a blindfold over my head. This was it. Go-time.

“Baby, baby…” I panicked. “Don’t leave me…please Harry…”

“Shhh…I’m not going anywhere. I just wanna watch.” With that he vanished, withdrawing to the flank of the room out of earshot. Ignoring my calls.

Alone, the sound of my own ragged breathing filled my ears. The heat of the candles wafted over me like a shroud. I could smell the waxy fragrances surrounding us and my own perspiration. Footsteps encircled me, like a multitude of people had entered the room. My heart nearly pounded out of my chest. I struggled for even a wisp of air.

A leather flog landed full-force across my belly and I yelped in anguish, and Harry’s voice broke through the silence to kick someone out of the room. He had said no punishment and no toys, but apparently someone had decided to break the rules. Two big sets of hands gabbed ahold of my feet and massaged them. Smaller hands stroked provocatively up and down my torso, moaning with a playful insistence. I whimpered, unsure of how many people were around me. Another mouth suddenly landed on my nipple and I gasped, but slowly got into it. A new tongue landed in my ear and took me all the way back to 2013. One of the bigger hands drew my foot into a mouth that sucked my toes languorously, humming greedily around them. I squirmed hysterically, knowing it was man, and unsure if I wanted him to stop or not. It all felt achingly good. Far too good to be true. I expected myself to wake up any moment now.

The hands that had stroked my torso now grabbed my leaking cock and stroked it, spilling warm lube down the tip. Another set of masculine hands joined them, slipping long fingers into my butthole and stroking my prostate to no end. I wailed like a madman, uncaring how uncomposed I’d become in front of this group of vulgar strangers. They were feasting on my body like I was their last meal, and the thought of Harry’s twisted mind setting this up and him being off to the side touching himself to this ghastly sight sent me over the edge. At that moment, a rigid cock slid into me raw, and before I could panic that the strange man had taken that liberty, I knew from the rhythm of the oh-so-familiar stroke that it was him. He had joined after all.

All around me were the unmitigated sounds of sex. Incessant sighs and moans. Wild grunting. Skin slipping against skin. Some feminine, some masculine. At least six people having their way with me and each other at once. My voice joined theirs as I became unreservedly vocal, overwhelmed with pleasure at all ends. The fingers and mouth stoking my nipples became more urgent, biting my flesh and making me yelp for more. The hands stroking my cock were soon replaced by a mouth that deepthroated me to the base. I nearly screamed, swamped by the sickly sweet goodness consuming me from every angle. Smothering me in the nadirs of the darkest, most surreal bliss I had ever known. A lewd nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. One I also had no desire to leave either.


I ebbed back to life after blowing the fattest, longest load of my life down some chick’s throat whose face I had not and would never see. Harry left me messy, ozzing with his cum from behind. My skin was pruned from being sucked on all night. As I started to drift asleep from sheer exhaustion, Harry removed my blindfold and freed me. Now one of the screens lifted from the side of the bed and fresh air poured into the tightly contained space. My sight was bleary, but I noticed him dismissing our blindfolded bedmates, leading them in a train out of the room. Now he walked about, blowing out most of the remaining candles. He kept a few burning beside the bed, but the remainder of the room was drawn into darkness.

Soon he came back over to the bed, but it was only to remove the top sheet, which he dragged from beneath me in one vigorous snatch, leaving me to crawl unceremoniously from atop. He wouldn’t say a word. Now he moved over to a table and removed two small colored tablets. He presented one to me in the palm of his hand without explanation. I accepted it and realized it was molly. What the fuck else did he have planned? How long was this night going to go on? He swallowed his and walked away, and I was left with no choice but to take mine. The daunting silence finally fled the room when he turned on a soothing playlist. I couldn’t make out any of the songs with the state I was in, but I laid back atop the pillows and stared up at the whirling ceiling. Desperate for a smoke. Just as that thought crossed my mind, he reappeared as if he had read it and popped a Marlboro between my lips, then lit it and disappeared again. I was in fucking heaven. He had literally thought of everything.

Once mine began to kick in, I sat in the center of the bed and began touching myself. My fingertips felt electric, igniting every inch of my skin as I ran them up and down my lanky arms. Up and down my neck and chest. Over the enflamed welts from the flogger’s whip. Over and under my limp cock which was slowly springing back to life. My nerve-endings stood to attention like I’d been electrocuted, rallying to make sure every sensation, even the most innocuous, was converted into an acute, heart-stopping pleasure. I could hear every sound in a hundred-mile radius. Smell every smell. Imaginary birds surrounded me. The roar of a distant sea. The sun rising on our sins. The low-burning candlelight even shone brighter now, and I could see through the shadows at the creepy paintings overlooking the room.

Harry emerged from the shower in the next room, hair damp, and I was consumed by a surge of the keenest love I’d ever known. I got up and ran to him, and he crushed me, lifting me from my feet and wrapping my legs around his waist. We stumbled around in the darkness, wrenching each other, unable to stop caressing, kissing, and murmuring sweet nothings that would made zero sense to a sober mind. I confessed my deepest most disturbing feelings. Things that I would have never voiced outside of the sorcery we were experiencing in this place. As I listened to him say nonsensical things in return, like he wanted to marry me and have my babies, a blindfolded woman in a long satin robe entered the room.

He set me on my feet and approached her, and the first thing she uttered in broken English was: “How may I serve you, master?” She was unearthly beautiful. Long, tan, and flawless when she removed her robe, with a cascade of dark wavy hair. Harry escorted her over to the bed, taking her robe and tossing it on a nearby chair. I watched her kick her off heels off and salivated at the sight of her body. Was she ours? Was this thing not over? Were we going again? Just he and I and her? My questions went answered as he approached and urged me back over to the bed.

There, the three of us knelt in the center of the mattress, facing one another. She was the only one who couldn’t see a thing. It all felt quite ritualistic. I was afraid to make the first move despite him encouraging me to. To get things going, he kissed her on the mouth, and a rage welled up inside me. I instantly pulled him away, but then she turned and kissed me herself.

“Good, baby,” he said, and I had no idea if he was speaking to me or her. I just felt him stroking the back of my head the entire time we made out.

As she and I broke, he turned my face towards his and tongued me thoroughly. Re-claiming me. I hardly had room to catch my breath. As we broke, he moved to kiss her again and I stopped him. He by no means was allowed to kiss her, so he made me kiss her again while he sucked on her breasts. She sighed into my mouth, clawing at my face as he openly flicked her nipples with his fat tongue. Jealous, yet savagely turned on, I joined him, drawing her other nipple into my mouth and mirroring his every move. She moaned stridently, pulling our hair and crying for more. My hands stroked down her belly, moving to slip between her legs, but he had already beaten me to the punch. I went for the rear instead, kissing her again while fingering her asshole.

Soon he lay her back atop the pillows, coaxing her to take his huge erection into his mouth. She swirled her tongue around the pink tip before obliging. I lay back on the bed and watched enthusiastically, head spinning, heart racing, the molly searing my brain. This was all too much. Way, way too much of a good thing. The room was stifling again. I was on the brink of a heatstroke, strange things welling up within me and constricting my throat. Still, seeing his cock in someone else’s mouth up close and personal sent me over the edge and I lay back beside her, stroking myself. Occasionally her hand joined mine, blindly tugging at my cock.

Later when he prepared to take her from behind, my jealousy overshadowed my boner and I tried to stop him. He persisted, but gazed over at me pityingly. I wanted to cry. I felt so neglected. After sliding into her, he grabbed ahold of my face and kissed me, and that was all I needed to feel loved again.

Fuck, he was really banging this chick. Railing the shit out of her. He never fucked me that way. He was always so careful and attentive with me, but all of that was lost. It was easy to tell he had no feelings for her, despite how beautiful she was. To him, she was just a body he was using unabashedly. Seeing this ruthless side of him was eye-opening. I pet him worshipfully, marveling at how savage he was. In my molly-hazed mind, he was a god. My king. My hands slipped over his flexing biceps and pecs. I grabbed ahold of him from behind, kissing his shoulder, seeking to absorb his thrusts. His fury. As a last desperate thought, I dug around for the lube in the darkness, and at last found it beneath the pillow. I popped the cap and drowned my dick and fingers, then coaxed him to slow his thrusts as I stuck a few lubed fingers inside. Once he was ready, I slid into him, our thrusts falling abominably into sync. 

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