Is There Any Hope For Zarry?

Yes, I’m going there. I’m asking the question I get asked a million times, and which none of us truly have the capability of answering. But I wonder what your thoughts or predictions are anyway.

I have a theory about how 2019 affected Zarry’s relationship and damaged them beyond repair. I’m not saying I know anything about where they stand now, but they are clearly in a bad and phony place together. That much is obvious. I also suspect we won’t know why things took a turn for the worst for many years to come. For now, we’re stuck in the middle of it. I’m very tired of it all, as are most of you. I’m also bored.

Ultimately I just want to know where you think Zarry stand now. Is there any hope for them? I don’t think this should become a post were we talk about how much we hate Holivia and Zigi since there is enough of that going on around here lol. Please let’s just try to focus on the Zarry relationship if we can. Can you see them ever being together? I’m going to be honest with you, I can’t. I believe the sanctity of their bond and any future potential relationship has been grossly desecrated. And I don’t think they are in contact or working things out behind the scenes. Personally, I feel they are done. But as always, I have no fucking clue where they stand and could be dead wrong about this.

I also believe these days that Zarry hate us (their minute group of supporters) and they like to insult our intelligence with all their fakery and inexplicable wishy washy behavior. Well, that’s ok because most days a lot of us hate them too. Lastly, if you do think Zarry are in fact over, what are some ways we can covert this passionate community into something useful going forward? Should we all just become Larries?? Hahahaahahahahaha

What? Too soon? Oh ok.

Here are some of Zarry’s greatest hits to jog your memory in case any of you have forgotten how good things used to be:

Was this post just a vehicle for me to have content for today and plug my old posts?

Yes…yes it was.

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