Harry Styles Kissing His Heart Tattoos For Zayn (Larry Debunk)

Ah, the heart kiss heard ’round the world. From 2021, no less. All you need in order to understand that Harry is kissing his hearts and cross tattoos for Zayn is this: And this: And this: Great, now that we got that settled, let’s move on to other matters. So I was going through someContinue reading “Harry Styles Kissing His Heart Tattoos For Zayn (Larry Debunk)”

The Worst Thing About Larry Is….

Please fill in the blank. Let’s be honest. We’ve all had awful experiences with Larry and Larries before, whether that be the laughable content; the thousands of sock accounts they hide behind day in and day out, spamming and corroding the Information Superhighway; the superfluous use of blue and green hearts; the cringy and moronicContinue reading “The Worst Thing About Larry Is….”

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