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As promised, the long-awaited sequel to This Thing Upon Me is here! Neon Red is a fictitious memoir told solely from the perspective of Zayn. Thanks for all of your support in this writing journey! Purchase the eBooks here!

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Read my new Dark Harry novel called “Feral” here.

Non-Zarry Book Coming Soon! Meet the female protagonist: Ember

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  1. Thanks for reading doll 💔😌

  2. Thanks my dear I appreciate the well wishes and kind words. Same to you, take care! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Rhonda on Home

    Yes, it’s pathetic. I’m not surprised by this. Larries are the only thing saving his career if you even want…

  4. Silvia Regina on Home

    Disgusting!!!!He knows what he’s doing!🤮 It’s recent.Like 15 days.

  5. Silvia Regina on Home

    Beautiful,my friend! The last part, in the sunflowers field…. I cried….😢💔

  6. Rhonda on Home

    Just read the chapter and you pulled my heart strings on that last paragraph!Thanks for your dedication getting it posted…

  7. Angie V on Home

    Saw this on IG. Don’t know how old it is but I’m pretty sure it’s recent. This is the reason…

  8. Angie V on Home

    EXACTLY! There is no comparison between Niall’s girlfriend and the vile leech attached to Harry. He deserves better and he…

  9. Angie V on Home

    Exactly!! The only time Harry won’t stop for fans is when he’s with that soul sucking leech.

  10. Sam on Home

    Harry’s at Glastonbury? Wow Jane, hope you are having an amazing time! I am currently watching Paul McCartney on my…

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For my fellow murderinos out there, I have a new video on my second channel (Bad Bad Company) on the Menendez Brothers’ 1993 Trial.

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This is a new place where I will put lots of random thoughts, Q&As, oddly timed videos, and any video ideas that are unrelated to both the first and second channel subject matter, such as my upcoming Armie Hammer video!

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20 hours ago

Loved the extra chapter of TTUM AD! Thank you! As always so beautifully written. Poor H, felt so sorry for him 😞

Angela Stathis
Angela Stathis
22 hours ago

Yeeessss!!!! Me doing a happy dancing 🕺

Angie V
Angie V
9 hours ago

Saw this on IG. Don’t know how old it is but I’m pretty sure it’s recent. This is the reason why larries are gonna larry until the end of time. 2 girls were holding up a poster with a rainbow and a manip of H and Louis kissing. That boy points to it and smiles. It’s unmistakable. He really did it. The girls with the poster lost their minds. Stand on your own 2 f-ing feet Louis and stop trying to catch some of Harry’s shine by using deluded children. It’s pathetic.

Angela Stathis
Angela Stathis
13 hours ago

Hey I want to write a review on Amazon but they are asking for a headline or sth… don’t know what is this… could someone explain to me what Im supposed to write there???

Also I loved the extra chapter… haven’t read the whole e book but I went straight to that one new chapter… I cried I’m telling you…

14 hours ago

I don’t get it….how come she’s an A-list actress/director? More like D-. They are going to drop the fake engagement s**t!! Buckle up zarries…..this is going to be vom inducing!!! 🤮🤮

16 hours ago

Seriously I’ve no words 😹😹

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